G.O.L.F. - Callaway/Meijer Junior TourG.O.L.F. - Callaway/Meijer Junior Tour


Age Division

  • Players are grouped into a division based on their age as of July 28, 2019.  High school graduates are only eligible to participate through August 31st of the summer immediately following graduation.
  • A player may choose to move up an age division, however, once the season has started the player will stay in that division for the entire season.  GOLF reserves the right to adjust your division selection based on your scores through the season.

  • Boys and Girls that are 15 years old have the option of choosing which division they would like to compete on.  Please keep in mind the yardage and strength of competition when making your decision.

  • Boys that are 10 may choose either the 18 hole level or the 9 hole level.  Please keep in mind the committee may ask a player to adjust their choice based on playing ability.
Division Breakdown
Callaway Boys 15-19
(18 holes - 6600-6800 yards)
Callaway Girls 15-19
(18 holes - 5700-5900 yards)
Meijer Boys 13-15
(18 holes 6200-6400 yards)
Meijer Girls 13-15
(18 holes 5300-5500 yards)
Meijer Boys 10-12
(18 holes 5300-5500 yards)
Meijer Girls 7-12
(9 holes 2000-2200 yards)
Meijer Boys 7-10
(9 holes 2200-2400 yards)