G.O.L.F. - Callaway/Meijer Junior TourG.O.L.F. - Callaway/Meijer Junior Tour


Earn FREE Events with Meijer Receipts

2019 Program

 Meijer Receipts = FREE Events


The Game Of your Life Foundation (Adams Golf Junior Tour & Meijer Junior Players Tour) would like to THANK YOU for shopping and supporting your neighborhood Meijer store!  This receipt program would not be possible without the dedication of our families.  Meijer has again made a commitment to the community by continuing the G.O.L.F.’s Sponsorship.  Your support is definitely helpful and appreciated.  Therefore, accumulated receipts, dated back to January 1, 2019 from Meijer stores will in turn give you FREE events (18 or 9 holes, depending on the age division).


Shop at Meijer and receive up to $130 free towards tournaments!

Play in 18 hole events for as little as $40 or 9 hole events for $20….

just send us your Meijer receipts



Here is how it works:


1.        Register online for two tournaments with a credit card payment OR register for a multiple day event value of $130 on the 2019 schedule (the dollar value is based on the number of holes played for your division.)  The 18 hole events start at $65 and the 9 hole events are $35.

2.        Head to a Meijer Retail Supercenter and shop for your groceries, plus over 40 other departments including fashion, automotive, home décor, health and beauty care, pharmacy, electronics, pets, and more! **  


3.        For every six visits*** that your family makes to a Meijer store with $45 or more spent (before tax) the Tour Member will receive a value of one event credit on their account.  Depending on the age division and holes played it will be either $65 or $35. 


4.        Mail all six receipts to our Headquarters and we will add the credit to your account to use towards adding another event.  In order to receive a $65/$35 credit you must be registered for at least two events or a value of $130 on multiple day tournaments.  The receipt program is only for additional events, you will not be given a refund for tournaments already paid for only a credit will be added on your G.O.L.F. account.


5.        Each Tour Member may do this process two times which earns them two FREE events.


6.        Once your receipts are processed you will receive an email confirmation that the credit has been applied.  Please allow 10 business days for your receipts to be processed.


7.        This credit may be used towards any additional event(s) including but not limited to Tour Championship, Parent/Child events, and the Fall Series-credit will be the value of a fall series event.  Receipts turned in for the 2018 season (Jan 1 – July 31, 2018) must be used by October 31, 2019.  If credits are unused they will become void on November 1, 2018.



BONUS:  Please continue to shop at Meijer even after you have turned in the total amount of 12 receipts or after the June 30 date.  Each receipt received by a Tour Member will be added to a Grand Prize Drawing on OCTOBER 31st.  There is no limit to the number of receipts a member may send in. 


Return Meijer store receipts to:

G.O.L.F. – Meijer Receipts

491 Jonesville Road

ColdwaterMI  49036

Checklist to quickly have your credit added
follow this 
include name and user id

  • have paid for 2 or 4 events
  • have included 6 or 12 receipts
  • each receipt is $45 or more


If you have additional questions please call the Tour Headquarters 517-278-4892

**Gasoline sales are excluded.

***Limit one receipt per day.